Dancing Arts Accelerated Programs (DAA)

DAA Photo 2Dancing Arts Center is pleased to offer a comprehensive academic + dance education option for committed and serious young dance artists approximately age 10 (4th grade) through 18 (high school senior).  The DAA program provides a rare opportunity for students to cultivate their serious interest in classical ballet and contemporary dance while pursuing academic excellence.

For most DAA students, academics are developed through supervised distance learning arrangements with an on-site educator/facilitator.  Some current DAA participants are independently home schooled and attend the full schedule of DAA dance classes.

DAA Photo 3An age and intensity-appropriate schedule of dance classes is created for each level beginning at Level 2 (approximately 10 years of age).  The dance class schedule is designed to complement the academic schedule.  Currently, all DAA dance classes for Level 2 & up begin at 1:00pm.  The DAA schedule of dance classes is integrated with the Main Division schedule of dance classes that begin at or after 3:45pm.

Dancing Arts Center also offers an Accelerated Program for Level 1.  The DAA Level 1 Dance Program runs entirely during after-school hours (currently at or after 3:45pm).

Acceptance to all Accelerated Dance Programs is by audition/invitation only.

Please contact Directors Patrick Notaro or Gregg Saulnier for additional information on this exciting opportunity at (508) 429-7577, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit the 'Contact Us' section of this site.